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Interesting Tidbit From Peter Gammons

Posted by Mike on November 12, 2008


From Peter Gammons:

When Beane began looking around for offense, he talked to Boston about Jason Bay, but the price was prohibitive. But when it took Huston Street, Greg Smith and Carlos Gonzalez to get Holliday, Beane did not hesitate; it’s taking longer to clear the paperwork than it did to tell Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd he would make the deal.

and if Holliday has jolted the offense and the A’s can make a run at the Angels, then Beane can sit on Holliday the way he once sat on Giambi and Johnny Damon, take two more draft choices and continue the building. Or if the Athletics are not in contention, he will have Ryan Sweeney in center and perhaps Furcal at short and can see if the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Phillies, Cardinals or someone else will make a huge run at Holliday and make a Mark Teixeira-type deal somewhere between what Texas got from Atlanta (five young players) and what the Braves got from the Angels (Casey Kotchman and a minor leaguer).


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