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Guns Up!

Posted by Mike on November 12, 2008


Mike Leach may have led his Texas Tech Red Raiders into the #2 College Football team in the country, but what people don’t know about Leach is that he can party like its 1969. Case and point, former University of Minnesota head football coach Glenn Mason shared a story with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, about a time when he and Leach were in New York for a function with NASDAQ:

Glen Mason, then the Gophers coach, said: “We were brought to New York a while before the game to be at the opening bell — myself and [athletic director Joel] Maturi, and [coach] Mike Leach and [AD] Gerald Myers from Tech.

“We had dinner at a very nice Manhattan restaurant the night before. Leach showed up in khaki pants, an Under Armour T-shirt and a sports coat.

“We walked around for an hour after dinner and were headed back to the hotel. Leach said he was going to stay out for a while.

“The next day, we get to NASDAQ, Leach shows up and he’s in the same clothes. I honestly think he had been out all night. We all were told to say a few words but keep it to no more than 30 seconds.

“Maturi said something, then Myers, then me and then Leach gets the mike. He says, ‘I don’t have much to add, so as we say in Lubbock, ‘GUNS UP!’


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