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Does This Guy Look Likes He Needs To Steal Condoms ?

Posted by Mike on November 12, 2008


I’ve heard that condoms are a premium at college, so much so that Malik Alvin a Binghamton University basketball player, definitely need himself a bunch of prophylactics. As this picture may falsely show, Alvin might not have the money he tries to show you that he has. How come you ask ? Well, according to, Alvin was arrested at Wal-Mart because he took a box of 36 condoms without paying for them. Is that wrong ? In the future Mr. Alvin, if you wanna portray yourself on the web as having money, don’t get caught stealing condoms. Cars or white-women are acceptable, just not something that costs under $24.99. More from

Malik Alvin, 20, was confronted by Wal-Mart security just after 2 p.m. Oct. 26 when officers said he took the contents of a box of 36 condoms without paying for them and attempted to leave the Vestal store, court documents say.

Alvin, a junior and newcomer to the BU team, eluded store security, but while on the run, collided in the store’s foyer with a 66-year-old customer, knocking her to the floor; she sustained a concussion, Vestal town court documents indicate.


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