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This Is Why Brian Giles Didn’t Accept A Trade To The Red Sox

Posted by Mike on November 10, 2008


Per the San Diego Union-Tribune:

If Giles had accepted a trade to the Red Sox in August, the transfer would have given him a shot at his first World Series ring and secured him an $11 million salary for 2009.

But what Giles didn’t reveal until Friday is his belief that Red Sox GM Theo Epstein had told Bick that the Sox probably would have traded Giles during this offseason. By eating part of Giles’ ’09 salary, the wealthy Sox likely could have built a broad trade market for Giles, whose career on-base percentage .404. Because a trade to Boston would have kept Giles from gaining full trade-veto rights as a player with 10 years in the majors and five consecutive years with the same club – a rarely obtained hammer that he got by staying with the Padres through August – Giles could not have prevented the Red Sox from sending him to any club of their choosing this offseason. He was able to veto the trade because Boston was one of eight clubs on his no-trade list

“Playing time going down was the first thing that concerned me,” Giles said Friday. “I would have been on the bench for three or four weeks. I wanted to play.

“The Boston thing, the way it was explained to me, Theo was very honest with Joe. He said there was a good possibility I might be shipped out after the season in a trade.”


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