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Red Sox News

Posted by Mike on November 10, 2008


Jarrod Saltalamacchia said he would love to be a Boston Red Sox. The former Braves prospects has idolized Jason Varitek, The Texas Rangers are focuses on acquiring Clay Buchholz as part of the deal.

The Red Sox are intrigued at the possibility of bring in the pride of Providence, Rocco Baldelli as their 4th outfielder. Another possibility could be Gabe Kapler.

The Red Sox are among a few teams who are doing background work on the possibility of trading for Dontrelle Willis. The Sox would in return trade Julio Lugo to the Tigers, who have a hole at shortstop. The contracts are almost identical, Willis make just a bit more, and each player has two-years left on their contracts.

According to both WEEI and Comcast, the Red Sox are in negotiations with Dustin Pedroia on a contract extension.

The Red Sox showed interest in Seattle Mariners catcher Jeff Clement, but the Mariners quickly dismissed any notion of trading the former second overall pick in the draft.


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