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Gilbert Arenas Is A Permanent Supporter Of Barack Obama

Posted by Mike on November 10, 2008


Many people may claim to be supporters of President-elect Barack Obama, but Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas is someone who truly supports Obama. According to the Washington Post, Arenas got “change we believe in” and “44” tattooed on his hand. Which is actually kind of surprising, because just three weeks ago Arenas said he wouldn’t even vote. This was due to the fact he thought that a Republican President was good for him, because he was rich and wouldn’t be taxed quite as much, as if a Democrat had won. But with Obama winning election, Arenas is suddenly one of his biggest supporters. More from the Washington Post:

Arenas walked by Thomas and Thomas stopped him to look at Arenas’s hand. Then Thomas licked his thumb and rubbed Arenas’s hand trying to smear off the ink. When the ink remained, Thomas chuckled, shook his head some more, and walked away.

I walked up to Arenas to see what got Thomas so worked up and looked in amazement. Arenas has decided to show his permanent support of President-elect Barack Obama with a tattoo. Arenas had the words “Change We Believe In” tattooed onto the fingers of his left hand in cursive writing. Then, Gilbert showed the outside of his pinky finger, which had “44” inked on it.

Arenas shortened Obama’s campaign slogan, “Change We Can Believe In,” choosing not to add ink to his thumb. Arenas has “change” written on the outside of his index finger; “we” on the inside of his middle finger; “believe” on the inside of his ring finger; and “in” on the inside of his pinky and “44” on the outside of his pinky. In case you didn’t already know, Obama will be the 44th POTUS.


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