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Boras Wants Five Or Six Years For Manny

Posted by Mike on November 7, 2008


It appears that the 2-year $45 Million dollar contract that the Dodgers offered Manny Ramirez isn’t enough to entice him to sign just now. According to Jon Heyman, Manny’s agent Scott Boras is looking for a five or six year contract for the slugger. At first it may seem high unlikely that Manny could get a deal with that kind of length, but Boras said that he did negotiatea contract with Dodgers GM Ned Colletti, when he was with the Giants for Barry Bonds for five-years, and at the time Bonds was 37.Boras is trying to call the Dodgers bluff and seeing if they will attempt to overpay for Manny. Other teams of interest who may go to that length for Ramirez are: Blue Jays, Orioles and the Yankees. If the Dodgers are to sign Manny before free agency begins on November 14th, it will certainly be a five-year deal around $120 Million. Look for Manny to be patrolling a different outfield next year. More from Heyman:

The Dodgers might consider upping their bid at some point, but if they do, a person connected to the team suggested it would most likely be only a bump in salary, not in years, at least initially. The Dodgers may eventually come close to matching Alex Rodriguez’s record annual salary with a two-year, $55 million proposal, but will likely need to be pushed by fan response to go to three years, according to that person.

One executive with an American League team said he thought it was possible Ramirez — who saved the Dodgers’ season by hitting .397 with 17 home runs and 53 RBIs in 53 games — could get a five or six-year deal. A two-year deal, even at record price, is unlikely to entice Ramirez, 36.

Colletti declined to provide the exact details of their contract offer when he made his public pronouncement about their proposal Wednesday, and he couldn’t be reached late Thursday after returning a call in the afternoon. Ramirez’s agent, Scott Boras, pointed out at the GM meetings that he negotiated a five-year contract for Bonds with the very same Colletti when Bonds was 37, and Colletti smiled when that was mentioned to him, saying, “I’m well aware of the players” involved in the negotiations.


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