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Schilling Back To Philly?

Posted by Mike on November 6, 2008


Just days after filing for free-agency, Curt Schilling has told, that the Phillies are one of the places he would consider pitching in 2009. Schilling was the Phillies horse for eight seasons, bring them to the World Series in 1993, but losing to the Blue Jays. The question is though, do the Phillies want him back ? And how much does he want ? Last season, Schilling made $8 Million dollars without pitching a single game for the Red Sox, he hasn’t had a healthy season in almost five years. So, it’s unlikely he could command a salary over $4 Million dollars. But, that won’t stop Schilling from trying to break the bank. After three World Series since 2000, Schilling goal now is to pad his stats so he can land in the Hall of Fame. With #38 opening a gaming company a few years ago in southern Massachusetts, its likely if Schilling is to pitch somewhere in 2009, it will be in Boston. From

Even while all that was going on, though, he occasionally would muse aloud about coming back to the Phillies . . . or pitching the first game at Citizens Bank Park . . . or helping them capture that elusive trophy and taking the exhilarating ride down Broad Street.

“I was excited,” he said. “We [he and wife Shonda] were both rooting for Philadelphia. I have some close connections with some people in the Tampa Bay organization, but we lived here almost 10 years. So the close connections we had spurred us on to be rooting for the franchise.”

He’ll be 42 when Opening Day rolls around next season and he’s coming off shoulder problems that sidelined him all season. He says he doesn’t know if he wants to continue but that, if he does, “Philadelphia would absolutely be one of the places I would consider. Arm feels great. Arm feels fantastic. Arm felt fantastic 2 or 3 months ago. I don’t think that was ever the issue, whether it was going to feel good or not.”

Can it be 15 years since Schilling dominated in the 1993 postseason, launching him into the upper echelon of pitchers?


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