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Red Sox News

Posted by Mike on November 6, 2008


The Dodgers are “probably not” interested in signing Jason Varitek as there catcher. This means they will keep Russell Martin as their backstop.

Jason Bay is said to be “loving it” in Boston. The Sox new left-fielder is very interested in signing an extension to stay with the Red Sox. It’s unlikely something like that may occur this offseason.

Red Sox second-basemen, Dustin Pedroia has won his first American League Gold Glove.

The Seattle Mariners are interested in interviewing Red Sox coaches bench coach Brad Mills and pitching coach John Farrell for their vacant manager position.

If the Red Sox have any interest in re-acquiring catcher Kelly Shoppach, it will proably cost them Justin Masterson.

The Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves are said to be the two most aggressive teams pursing 22-year-old Japanese pitcher Junichi Tazawa. The Braves were said to have offered Tazawa a Major League contract, somewhere around $4.5 Million.

One Yankees rumor. There is a report the Yankees may trade Hideki Matsui to the Seattle Mariners for a top prospect, and then flip that prospect along with Robinson Cano to Colorado for Matt Holliday.

Derek Lowe wants to return to Boston, but its unlikely the Sox will show Lowe an love.


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