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Joe Maddon Loves To Be Noticed

Posted by Mike on November 6, 2008


Coming off a tough World Series defeat to the Philadelphia Philles, Rays skipper Joe Maddon has taken off to Europe. You probably think he went there to get away from everything and to clear his head. Well, you’re wrong. Maddon went to Europe because he told the Canadian Press that he wanted to be “recognized”. Recognized as what ? An Irish soccer coach ? And people say Curt Schilling has a big ego. Maddon seems like he believes that he is some great philosopher. In fact, Maddon said that even prior to the season this was one of his goals. I’m thinking I have a better shot of being recognized as a Tom Selleck look alike, than anyone in Europe noticing Maddon as the manager of the Rays. More from the Canadian Press:

I’m hoping to be recognized in Europe, because that would truly indicate that the Tampa Bay Rays have arrived on the continent,” the 54-year-old Maddon said. “That was one of my goals prior to the season.”

Maddon said he would love to place a Rays cap on the head of the statue of David.

“My main objective is to see somebody wearing Rays gear,” he said. “So in one of those places, I want to see somebody wearing some form of it. And I shall take a photograph. I’ll ask that person to pose.”


One Response to “Joe Maddon Loves To Be Noticed”

  1. daniel maddon said

    what are you talking about is propaganda don’t you know he was married on the qween mary in greater los angeles and was on his honeymoon in europe and also he is inveited to stay at the white house on january 4th and get the facts straight everything that you wrote is fake

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