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Dodgers Offer Manny 2-Year Deal

Posted by Mike on November 6, 2008


From LA Times:

The deal that was proposed to Ramirez on Tuesday night would give the 36-year-old free-agent outfielder “the highest average annual value in the history of the franchise and the second-highest average annual value in baseball” — somewhere between the $27.5 million per season earned by Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees and the $22.9 million earned by Johan Santana of the New York Mets — according to General Manager Ned Colletti.

Colletti and Ramirez’s agent, Scott Boras, refused to specify the value or the length of the contract, though indications are it is either two years for $50 million or three years for $75 million. Colletti acknowledged that the proposal was in line with his philosophy of offering players higher annual salaries in exchange for shorter deals. He said the offer includes an option year, meaning it’s possible only two years could be guaranteed.

Boras has said at the general managers’ meetings in Dana Point this week that Ramirez deserved a six-year contract that would pay him until he is 42.


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