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Varitek Wants Jorge Posada Money

Posted by Mike on November 5, 2008


Apparently, Scott Boras believes that Jason Varitek who batted .220 last season deserves a pretty hefty raise. According to, Boras is using the 4-year $52.4 Million that Jorge Posada signed with the Yankees as a benchmark for the Varitek deal. If this is the type of deal that Tek is looking for, you can count the Red Sox out. The Sox want something along the range of 2-years at maybe $14 Million. If Theo Epstein has shown anything in the past, its he does not get attached to players and will walk away. Varitek went through a pretty tough divorce last season, so money very well could be an issue this offseason for him. From

Speaking to reporters at the General Manager’s Meetings in Dana Point, Calif., agent Scott Boras said the Jason Varitek deserved a contract comprable to Yankees catcher Jorge Posada, who signed a four-year, $52.4 million deal last offseason. Boras cited the catchers’ similar age at the time of their free agency, along with the fact that the Red Sox have a 60 percent winning percentage when Varitek has started over the last five years. Boras also surmised that the Sox’ captain’s personal issues played a hand in his struggles over the 2008 season.

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