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Dodgers Deny Martin Is Available

Posted by Mike on November 5, 2008


It’s that time of year when you don’t know who to believe. There have been reports that Dodgers 26-year old catcher Russell Martin has been made available via trade. It would be a hefty price tag to acquire such a young good catcher. The Red Sox might be willing to part with Clay Buchholz or Michael Bowden. Yesterday, Peter Gammons reported that the Dodgers would be open to moving Martin. Now, today Dodgers GM Ned Colletti has denied that Martin could be traded. This might just be pondering on the part of Colletti to drive up the price tag with teams like the Red Sox and Florida Marlins interested in the services of the Dodgers backstop. With the Dodgers said to be interested in Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek and maybe moving Martin to third base it makes sense to move Martin why his value is at his highest. Where there is smoke there is fire. From WEEI:

While there have been rumors that Dodgers catcher Russell Martin might be available in a trade, G.M. Ned Colletti denied the notion that he was shopping the catcher on Tuesday. Other baseball executives said that they had not heard one way or another whether the Dodgers were offering the 25-year-old, who had a .380 OBP (10th in the National League) in 2008. “I think (the notion of trading Martin) is more perception than reality,” said an executive. “If they do decide to trade him, there would be a long line of interested teams.”


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