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DeAngelo Hall To Be Cut Today

Posted by Mike on November 5, 2008


The Oakland Raiders big trade this offseason was acquiring Atlanta Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall for a second-round draft pick. The Al Davis led Raiders then signed Hallto a 7-year $70 Million dollar contract. Today, the former Pro Bowl cornerback will be cut half way through his first season with the Raiders, but Hall still will get $8 Million for eight games that he played in with the team. The Raiders will be saving $16 Million dollars with the cut. So what now for Hall? A lot of teams showed interest in him in the offseason when the Falcons made him available in trade, but die to his high salary demands many teams were turned off. After a slow start in Oakland this season he won’t be hitting the bank now. So where could Hall end up ? The Giants, Redskins, and Cowboyswere said to be interested, but how about a team in desperate need for a cornerback, like the New England Patriots. They need a cornerback badly and have the money mid-way through the season to spend on him. They were interested in drafting him when he came out of college, and did express mild interest in him when he was made available through trade. The Patriots could make a strong playoff push could very well be a big player for the services of Hall, since he likely won’t be breaking any banks this time around. From Pro Football Talk:

In the wake of the news that the Raiders soon will release cornerback DeAngelo Hall, a league source tells us that as many as 15 other current members of the team could be gone before next year.

As to Hall, we’re told that the reasons given for the move include a desire to devote the money that Hall would receive over the next year ($16.5 million) to inking cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha to a long-term deal, and to sign other players.

Also, don’t be shocked if someone makes a waivers claim on Hall.  We’re told that interested teams include the Patriots, Texans, Giants, Redskins, Rams, and Saints.  Several teams have the money to pay Hall — and getting him for $16 million in guaranteed money could be regarded as a bargain.


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