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Jake Peavy Doesn’t Want To Be A Red Sox, But Would Play For The Yankees

Posted by Mike on November 4, 2008


Boston Herald:

San Diego general manager Kevin Towers confirmed at the GM meetings that pitcher Jake Peavy, whom the Padres are willing to deal, would not approve a trade to the Red Sox.

“At this point in time,” Towers said, “that’s probably (the case). I don’t think it has anything to do with the Red Sox; they’re a great organization. Only Jake can tell you why. I couldn’t tell you why they’re off (the right-hander’s list of acceptable teams) and (the New York Yankees) are on.”

LA Times:

Peavy, who has a full no-trade clause, would consider a trade to only two American League teams, the Angels and the Yankees, Towers said.

To approve a trade to the Yankees, Peavy would probably ask for a new contract comparable to whatever Sabathia gets. Towers said he didn’t think that would be necessary if he can strike a deal with the Angels.


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