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Add Brandon Marshall To The List Of People Who Dislike Joey Porter

Posted by Mike on November 4, 2008


As I wrote here yesterday about my strong dislike for Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter, Denver Broncos wide-out Brandon Marshall must have read my post. Because today, Marshall called out Porter, after Porter had criticized Marshall about whining and moping for not getting the ball enough. The Broncos wide-out went as far as to say that Porter dances like a girl and has many insecurities. For a second I thought he was describing Terrell Owens. Well, you can add me to the Brandon Marshall fan club. From Rocky Mountain News:

“Joey Porter’s one of those guys, when you’ve got guys who talk a lot of trash and want to talk about people or put people down, they have their own insecurities. His insecurities, I don’t know,” Marshall said.

“But he’s definitely one of those guys who all those muscles are popcorn muscles. He’s soft. We hear stories floating around the league all the time about him, as far as him being in nightclubs, dancing with his shirt off like a girl, or in the playground getting beat up back in California,” Marshall added. “He’s one of those guys that no matter how big he is, he can still get knocked on his butt. He’s soft. And you can tell the way he’s talking. His nickname’s ‘Peezy’. I don’t know what ‘Peezy’ is, Joey.”


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