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Report: Red Sox To Aggressively Pursue Mark Teixeira

Posted by Mike on November 3, 2008

From Newsday:

Boston will aggressively pursue Teixeira, two industry sources confirmed. While the Red Sox have a very good first baseman in Kevin Youkilis, they can move Youkilis to third to make room for Teixeira. Incumbent third baseman Mike Lowell is recovering from hip surgery and isn’t expected to be ready until mid-March, and as much as the Red Sox like Lowell, they can look to trade him.

With David Ortiz experiencing his least productive season as a Red Sox player after dealing with a wrist injury, the Sox want to import a high-impact offensive force. Given that they’re probably not interested in bringing back Manny, Teixeira is the guy.

At catcher, meanwhile, Jason Varitek is a free agent. The Sox might want to quit while they’re ahead on him, as popular as he is, the way they intelligently did with Pedro Martinez and Johnny Damon.

Boston is looking at Texas’ Jarrod Saltalamacchia as a potential replacement. The Rangers have a glut of catchers and will be looking to use that glut to, most likely, acquire pitching.


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