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Randy Moss Will Be Getting Fined

Posted by Mike on November 3, 2008

No matter how bad the officiating is, the NFL hates when players criticize it. So with that, expect Randy Moss to get a pretty stiff fine sometime this week after he criticized the officiating in last night’s Patriots/Colts game. Moss told the Boston Herald:

“A lot of guys are really down because we let a game like this slip,” Moss said. “But when things happen, you have to watch what you say. Guys don’t want to get fined. But there was some real iffy calls out there.

“Some of the things you wish wouldn’t happen. But good calls and bad calls are part of the game. You’ve got to live with that one, the good and the bad.”

Maybe when Moss get’s fined, he can have Vince Wilfork’s wife help him out. Chris Mortensen reports that Wilfork’s wife actually put together a DVD from the Patriots video department and it saved him from at least a forced week off this season. More from ESPN:

Wilfork’s wife Bianca, who joined Wilfork for the meeting, handed Goodell the DVD with a different camera angle that showed Wilfork may not have hit Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler in the head on a play in the Oct. 20 meeting between the Broncos and Patriots.

On the alternate DVD, Cutler could be seen picking himself up and patting Wilfork on the helmet after the play.

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