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Paul Pierce Might End Career In Greece ?

Posted by Mike on November 3, 2008

In an interview with, Paul Pierce said that he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of finishing his career in Europe. This is something that more and more NBA players might just do. Europe may want to capitalize on the poor economy in the United States, by trying to offer lucrative packages to its NBA players. It’s more likely that Europe will go after the aged-veterans who still have big names over seas. It’s unlikely that a LeBron James or a Paul Pierce would jump ship mid-way through their career, but when they’re 38, 39, or 40 when someone from Europe offers them say $15 Million a year, they just might jump at it. The one player expected to get a big offer in the next few years is Kobe Bryant, who has a bigger name in Europe than he has in the states. He’s more liked in Europe, and he did once live in Italy, so he could be the one possibility. Even though America maybe in a bit of a financial crisis, the NBA certainly is not. There is a lot more hype to these stories than actual fact. More from

About Greece: “I feel very comfortable with your country. There are lots of Greeks here in Boston. Same in California, when I grew up. In fact one tutor at our team, Pete (Chrisafidis) is Greek. Because of that and the fact that I love to travel, I wouldn’t reject playing in Greece, after the end of my contract with the Celtics. Finish my carrier there. Get on pension. Or if don’t want me, to go somewhere else in Europe”.

About the possibility of his transcription: “I’m talking seriously. I’m not one of those that shut doors. If an opportunity comes up I will consider it very carefully. Of course the Celtics will always have the first word, but the choice of Europe, if up to then in continuous existing, I will consider very serious”.


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