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MLB Free-Agent Predictions

Posted by Mike on November 3, 2008

  1. CC Sabathia- New York Yankees 6-years $145 Million
  2. Mark Teixeira- Los Angeles Angels 6-years- $140 Million
  3. Manny Ramirez- San Francisco Giants 4-years $100 Million
  4. A.J. Burnett- Boston Red Sox 4-years- $60 Million
  5. Francisco Rodriguez- Baltimore Orioles 5-year $75 Million
  6. Derek Lowe- New York Mets 4-years $68 Million
  7. Ben Sheets- New York Yankees 5-years $70 Million
  8. Brian Fuentes- New York Mets 4-years-$52 Million
  9. Pat Burrell- Philadelphia Phillies 5-years $65 Million
  10. Orlando Hudson- New York Yankees 5-years $67.5 Million
  11. Jason Varitek- Boston Red Sox 2-years 15.5 Million
  12. Adam Dunn- Washington Nationals 4-years $57 Million
  13. Ryan Dempster- Chicago Cubs 4-years $55 Million
  14. Raul Ibanez- Chicago White Sox 3-years $39 Million
  15. Orlando Cabrera- Detroit Tigers 3-years $29 Million
  16. Jason Giambi- Oakland A’s 1-year $6 Million
  17. Rocco Baldelli- Boston Red Sox 1-year $3 Million
  18. Ken Griffey Jr- Seattle Mariners 2-years $10 Million
  19. Andy Pettitte- New York Yankees 1-year $14 Million
  20. Curt Schilling- Boston Red Sox 1-year $2 Million

2 Responses to “MLB Free-Agent Predictions”

  1. tom said

    Why would the orioles sign K-Rod. You dont know what your talking about.

  2. mike B said

    Thats the first thing that came to my mind as well. The O’s have Sherill and Ray. Also Jim Johnson could be the closer is they decide to trade Sherill for a young pithcer or SS

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