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Kevin Garnett Wants To Embrace Change

Posted by Mike on November 3, 2008

Count Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett as someone who is supporting Barack Obama this coming election. With election day tomorrow,Garnett will be wearing this special election day sneakers for the Celtics game versus the Houston Rockets tomorrow night. The Boston Celtics as a team are all Obama supporters, except for one. Any guesses ? It’s Brian Scalabrine. People have criticized Tiger Woods and Michael Jordanin the past for their lack of discussing political issues, let’s just see what people now say about Garnett. More from Boston Herald:

It’s absolutely about getting out the vote,” Garnett said. “I’ve even talked about this to some of the younger guys on the team. I’ve told them about the importance of voting, and how uneducated I was about the whole thing when I was their age. This year I just want to be more supportive, and to try and help that thing happen.

“There will probably be more people than ever voting this year – I believe that. We’re in a state of crisis right now. We put ourselves there. We made our bed and we’ve had to lie in it. So now it’s time to also do something about it.”

“The whole purpose of this is not necessarily to get my political views out there,” he said. “I and my family have different views on this. But we embrace change, and we embrace Obama.

“I’ve been an athlete for a long time, and now I’d like to become a little more active politically.”


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