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Did T.O. Send These T-Shirts To The Giants Locker Room ?

Posted by Mike on November 3, 2008

When the New York Giants arrived to their locker room before Sunday’s game with the Dallas Cowboys, they found a mysterious box of t-shirts. The t-shirts read the phrase that Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens once coined “I Love Me Some Me”. According to NFL Fanhouse, the Giants believe that Owens had the t-shirts sent to them. Who said T.O. wasn’t a team player ? In this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks with the Dallas Cowboys, Owens made several different versions of t-shirts for the Cowboys players. With the Cowboys in a bit of disarray without Tony Romo, it might not of been the brightest of ideas for Owens to give the Giants that extra bit of motivation. It’s also a possibility that someone from the Giants had these t-shirts made just to piss of the team and give them that extra edge before the division battle. More from NFL Fanhouse:

But in vastly more important news, a box of Terrell Owens “I Love Me Some Me” t-shirts showed up at the Giants locker room for today’s game, and Ed Werder reported on ESPN that most of the Giants believe it was TO himself that sent them.

This is, to make an understatement, pretty believable. After all, it’s been said recently that the Giants and Cowboys aren’t really friendly.

Well then, I’m sure Tuck was just thrilled to find out that TO is shipping clothing items their way. And in true rivalry fashion, the Giants have already said they plan on making sure Owens is paid back.

Werder didn’t have details of the specific action that would be dished out, but he did say that it would involved popcorn, long believed to be Owens favorite treat.


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