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Have A Great Thanksgiving! See You Next Week

Posted by Mike on November 26, 2008


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Ron Artest Is Blogging

Posted by Mike on November 26, 2008

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No News Is Good News For Matt Light

Posted by Mike on November 26, 2008


Per Adam Schefter:

New England and Miami have been waiting to hear whether Patriots left tackle Matt Light and Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder will be suspended for fighting during Sunday’s fourth quarter.

They’ll be waiting for a while, which is good news for both teams.

An NFL official confirmed the league would not issue any rulings Tuesday, an ideal day to announce suspensions. If suspensions don’t come Tuesday, they usually wait until the next week — if they come at all.

So no news in this case is good news. Fines still could be handed down this week, but it is unlikely suspensions will.

But that’s a decision for NFL director of football operations Gene Washington, who has been reviewing the incident that resulted in the ejection of both players.

UPDATE: Per Pro Football Talk:

Patriots offensive tackle Matt Light and Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder won’t be suspended for their fight during Sunday’s game in Miami.

But they will be fined, $15,000 each.

Per Adam Schefter of NFL Network, the league opted to impose fines and not suspensions for the incident, which resulted in both players being ejected.

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I Hurt My Wrist The Same Way Too! Luckily For Me I’m A Switch-Hitter

Posted by Mike on November 26, 2008

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Could Charlie Weis Be Back In New England This Season ?

Posted by Mike on November 26, 2008


Per Chicago Tribune:

The common perception of Weis’ buyout is not accurate. Multiple sources have told the Tribune the buyout, far smaller than believed, will not affect whether Notre Dame decides to fire Weis after Saturday’s game at USC. One prominent alumnus called the amount “loose change.”

One source familiar with the contracts of Division I football coaches said the typical buyout would be Weis’ base salary times the number of years remaining on his deal.

Weis’ base salary from July 2006-June 2007 was $598,000, according to the Ft. Wayne (Ind.) Journal Gazette. The newspaper cited figures from Notre Dame’s federal 990 tax form, which requires the school to list its five highest-paid employees.

Weis’ contract likely calls for annual increases to his base salary. If that average rises to $650,000, the seven-year buyout would be about $4.5 million.

It has been reported Weis’ annual compensation package is worth between $3 million-$4 million, which includes money from speaking appearances, media contracts and apparel deals. Some industry sources dispute that figure, saying Weis’ total package is closer to $2 million-$2.5 million.

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2010 Won’t Come Fast Enough

Posted by Mike on November 26, 2008


Last night, marked the first game for LeBron James in New York since the two trades the Knicks made to pave the way for him in 2010. And let’s just say the Knicks fans were very happy to see him. The Knicks fans chanted ” Two more years” and “Sit yo ass down“, oh wait, that was LeBron to his mother. With another two years to go before LeBron enters free agency, the #23 to New York rumors are going to drive people crazy. You can bet ESPN will discuss this at least 513 times. In fact ESPN analyst and former Knick, Jalen Rose is already breaking news saying that both James and Chris Bosh will be going to New York in 2010. I wouldn’t hold him too that. More from NY Post:

James, who received a raucous ovation during pre-game introductions, barely had to break a sweat last night as the Cavs (11-3) steamrolled the decimated Knicks, building a 34-point lead and hanging on in a 119-101 laugher.

James, wearing his new bright red “Big Apple” Nikes, finished with 26 points in 30 minutes, and sat out the fourth quarter with his team up 29 points after three. James’ point total was 24 points fewer than his last outing (50 points) at the Garden.

He left the building still leaving a trail of 2010 hope. “I don’t know if it’s going to happen,” he said afterward. “But you have to stay open-minded if you’re a Knicks fan.”

The evening began promisingly with Nike officials handing out free hot dogs outside the Garden and James raving about Mike D’Antoni in a pregame interview.

The arena had an electric air with James’ friend/Nets minority owner, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, gracing celebrity row. And he got his expected raucous standing ovation. Then the Knicks turned into hot dogs. Three minutes in, James made a rousing block on Chris Duhon’s lame driving layup

During a timeout, two fans kept yelling “Two more years,” and James, at the Cavs’ bench smiled and shook his head from side to side. During another timeout in the fourth quarter, James spent the timeout dancing to a hip-hop song on the P.A.

“It’s humbling to have fans in Cleveland and other places, especially a basketball mecca like New York City,” James said.

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You’ve Been Patiently Waiting For It: Video Of Junichi Tazawa

Posted by Mike on November 26, 2008

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Michael Silver Takes Shot At Patriots

Posted by Mike on November 26, 2008


Count Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports as someone who wasn’t too fond of the New England Patriots touchdown in the final minute against the Miami Dolphins. In his latest column, Silver writes 12. New England Patriots: Is any team more dangerous on fourth down with a 13-point lead in the final minute ?” What the pot-smoking journalist ( I didn’t call him that the Raiders did) fails to realize is that this is something the Patriots have always done. If they kick a field goal that looks worse, yes, they could have downed it, but Belichick would like to send a message to the Dolphins and namely Joey Porter. They were on the one freakin’ yard line. It wasn’t like the Patriots were in shot-gun, everyone in the stadium knew they were going to run the ball up the gut. The Dolphins get paid too. The comment by Silver is a bit of a cheapshot at the Patriots. Surprising that it came from such an excellent journalist, someone who for the most part, usually agrees with the Patriots, and perhaps has the best relationship out of any journalist in the country with Tom Brady. The again, they could have downed it.

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Bruce Pearl’s Ex-Wife Opens Up Salon. Names It Alimony’s

Posted by Mike on November 26, 2008


The ex-wife of University of Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl, Kim Shrigley has taken the money that she got in the recent divorce from Pearl and put it to good uses. Namely, Shrigley recently opened up a salon in the Knoxville area and named it Alimony’s, according to That’s a nice kick in the junk to Pearl. I’m sure he loves the name and doesn’t want to commit any harm to his wife. Still not as good as Kenny Anderson’s ex-wife, and veteran of the MTV Real World’s Tammy, who license plate now reads “hiscash”. Oh, and for all you old bags collecting on your ex-husband’s money, because you ladies deserve it so much, you get a %15 discount at Shrigley’s salon if you collect alimony. And how could I write a story about Bruce Pearl without showing his greatest hits, here, here, here and my favorite right here. More fromKnoxnews:

She funded the new business with money from her divorce from Bruce Pearl, the University of Tennessee men’s basketball coach.

The name is aggressive, Shrigley said. But, “It’s mine.”

She acknowledged that people will likely associate her with her marriage to and divorce from Pearl. Her former husband, who will earn $1.6 million this season as coach of the men’s basketball team, filed for divorce in September 2007.

But “If I can turn that negative into a positive, I can use that for a little while,” she said.

A 15 percent discount is offered to clients who receive alimony. No divorce papers are needed for proof, she said.

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Two People Get Busy In The Metrodome Bathroom

Posted by Mike on November 26, 2008


Two people were arrested over the weekend for doing the nasty in the Metrodome bathroom. Big deal, right ? People do this every weekend at sporting events. I know, I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom, but I digress. What makes this story so interesting, is who the two people that were arrested were released too. The guy got released to his girlfriend. That probably wasn’t a fun ride home. And the woman, well, she got released to her husband. I don’t think there will be much of a Thanksgiving at that house. More from MNDaily:

Two visitors from Iowa engaged in public sexual activities Saturday during the last Gophers football game at the Metrodome, according to a police report.

According to the report:

A Metrodome security worker saw two sets of feet surrounded by dropped pants and underwear underneath a disability-stall door. He peeked through the stall door’s crack and saw two people engaging in intercourse.

By the time officers entered the bathroom to break up the conspicuous couple, a crowd of 15 onlookers had gathered around the over-occupied stall “cheering and laughing.”

After the officers split up the couple and cited both with indecent conduct — a misdemeanor — the male, 26, was released to his girlfriend. The female, 38, was released to her husband. Neither of the offenders’ partners were engaged in the explicit act.

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