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Would You Trade Coco Crisp For This Pitcher ?

Posted by Mike on October 31, 2008

Even though he may of had a disappointing end of the season, the Red Sox still consider Jacoby Ellsbury to be their center-fielder. That means maybe finally, the Sox will trade Coco Crisp. Crisp had an excellent year batting .283 with 7 HR’s 41 RBI’s 20 SB’s and terrific defense. Most say he outperformed Ellsbury. But, it’s time for the Red Sox to allow Ellsbury to play everyday no matter what the outcome, and then would entail shipping Coco out of town. Something he wanted before the start of the season. What’s bring us to the matter: What do you want for Coco ? The Red Sox are pretty much set everywhere except for catcher, but Coco isn’t going to land you the catcher of the future you were hoping. You might be able to package him in a deal to Texas for one of their young catchers. Would you spin Coco to an American League team whose pitcher claimed he did not want to be trade, but the team wants to get younger and athletic in the outfield, and this pitcher maybe used as bait to lure some like Coco Crisp. The pitcher was 12-16 this year with a 4.57 ERA, but he did have 200K’s and pitched over 200 innings for the fourth consecutive year. In 2007 though, he was 15-8 with a 4.74 ERA and 213 K’s. This pitcher is historically always somewhere in the fours with his ERA, but he’s a quality innings eater, that would be a fantastic number four or five. He could be insurance if the Sox actually moved Clay Buchholz. The Red Sox did have interest in this player years ago, so it could be a possibility. Also, the manager of the other club “has liked Crisp since the pest’s days with the Cleveland Indians“. This the final year of Coco’s contract. So, would you trade Coco Crisp for this pitcher ?

Click here to see who the pitcher is


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