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There’s Assholes, And Then There’s People From Philadelphia

Posted by Mike on October 30, 2008


Tens of thousands of horn-honking, high-fiving Phillies fans streamed into the streets Wednesday night after Philadelphia won the World Series, celebrating the championship by knocking down traffic signals, spraying beer and shooting off fireworks.

Fans raced through downtown on their way to Broad Street, this title-starved city’s main thoroughfare, yelling and waving from open sunroofs, windows and jam-packed pickup truck beds.

Scattered vandalism was reported as revelry continued into the early morning hours Thursday before police began breaking up the thinning crowds.

Windows were smashed at a bank and luggage store in the downtown shopping district. At least two cars were overturned, the windows of a TV van were smashed, dozens of huge streetside planters were flipped over and some bus shelters were damaged or destroyed.

Police say some out-of-control fans were arrested, but did not have any figures early Thursday.

Most of the celebration was trouble-free, though it left behind a trail of broken bottles, overturned garbage bins and piles of other trash on the streets.

“This is the biggest party I’ve ever seen in my life!” said David Wahl, of Burlington, N.J., dashing down Broad Street and screaming into his cell phone as he described the scene to his father back home in New Jersey.

Dozens of officers on bicycles moved a crowd away from one clogged intersection on Broad Street in South Philadelphia, where a traffic signal pole was taken down and fans were setting off firecrackers.

Fans also set small fires and smashed beer bottles. One group set a dumpster on fire and surrounded the noxious-smelling blaze chanting, “Let’s go, Phillies, let’s go!” In a parking lot near the stadium, rowdy fans flipped an SUV onto its roof and smashed out the windows.

Some “overly rambunctious fans” surrounded a KYW-TV van while a reporter was doing a live shot, breaking its windows and rocking the vehicle, said station spokeswoman Joanne Calabria.

“Luckily the police were nearby and intervened—nobody was hurt, thank God—and escorted the van back to the station,” Calabria said.


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