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Pudge To Boston ?

Posted by Mike on October 30, 2008

With recent talk that Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek might be interested in playing for the Detroit Tigers, there would be an immediate opening for a Red Sox full-time catcher. Since the Red Sox don’t have any viable options in the minors, and Kevin Cash isn’t a good enough replacement, the Sox may now be interested in hall of famer to be Ivan Rodriguez, reports Baseball Prospectus. Pudge isn’t the biggest upgrade over Tek, but he’d come a lot cheaper, and he did hit .276 last season with 7 HR’s and 35 RBI’s in 115 games. Other possible options could be Bengie Molina and Ramon Hernandez. But, Pudge could be a suitable replacement for at least one year before the Red Sox find their heir to Varitek. More from Baseball Prospectus:

The Red Sox have some interest in Yankees catcher Ivan Rodriguez as a free agent if they can’t reach a deal to retain catcher and team captain Jason Varitek as a free agent, but they will most likely pursue a trade, with the Orioles’ Ramon Hernandez and the Giants’ Bengie Molina the top targets.


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