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John Daly, Drunk And In Jail Again….

Posted by Mike on October 30, 2008

What does John Daly do when he’s not hitting the links on the PGA tour ? He’s at a Hooters of course, drinking about 17 beers and smoking a pack and half of marlboro’s. At 2:17 AM Wednesday morning, Winston-Salem police were called to a Hooters parking lot, because professional golfer John Daly was heavily intoxicated and became a bit uncooperative, reports Daly had no way of getting home since the tour bus he took to the Hooters had come and gone. Certain things don’t mix like beer and ice cream, or 2:17 AM, John Daly and Hooters. You just knew something was bound to happen, but with John Daly it would be eventful. More from

Police officers were called at 2:17 a.m. to the Hooters at 120 Hanes Square Circle for a medical call. When officers arrived, Daly, who had earlier lost consciousness, was being treated by EMS.

Daly “appeared extremely intoxicated and uncooperative,” police stated in a news release. Daly repeatedly refused to be escorted to the hospital and was eventually asked to leave the restaurant by workers there.

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