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The NBA’s Version Of Travis Henry: Jason Caffey

Posted by Mike on October 29, 2008

When are players in the NBA going to realize that condoms are like a savings account. Former NBA journeyman, Jason Caffey is someone who I bet wished that he invested in a few Trojans in his day. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Caffey recently spent eight-days in jail due to failure to pay child support. The former Chicago Bulls forward, who once signed a 5-year $35 Million dollar contract, has 10 kids with 8 different women and had to file for bankruptcy. Caffey said he does pay child support, but just not the right amount. I told the IRS the samething:

Most recently, the AP is reporting that Caffey cannot file for bankruptcy, which opens the door for the eight mothers of his 10 children to sue him for child support.

This isn’t the first of Caffey’s legal woes, which include an assault charge in 2005 for rendering a male stripper, “too emotional to strip,” according to Deadspin.

Earlier this month, Caffey granted an interview to WKRG in Mobile, Ala. shortly after serving an eight-day jail sentence for failure to pay child support for one of his kids. His explanation included: “It’s never that I didn’t send child support it’s just that I didn’t send the amount that was said to be sent by the courts.”


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