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Roy Williams Can Take Tatum Bell Off His Christmas Card List

Posted by Mike on October 28, 2008

There are clever Halloween costumes, and then there are brilliant Halloween costumes. Count Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams as someone who came up with a brilliant costume. Although, its still not as good as Jon Kitna’s costume, where he went as coach Joe Cullen, who was arrested after he went to a Wendy’s drive thru naked. I wish I knew that was frowned upon. Williams went as former teammate/thief Tatum Bell, who you may remember stole the luggage of the man who replaced him, Rudi Johnson. From

Former Detroit receiver Roy Williams, who was traded to the Dallas Cowboys two weeks ago, attended the Lions players’ Halloween party this evening. Williams showed up in support of former teammate Mike Furrey, who puts on the party to raise money for his charities.

Williams came dressed as former Lions running back Tatum Bell, who made national headlines two months ago when he was accused of pilfering the travel bags of Detroit running back Rudi Johnson. Williams was wearing a bellhop uniform with a big name tag that said “T. Bell.”

Williams was also wearing boxer shorts on the outside of his pants and it said “Rudi” on the front and “Johnson 32” on the back. Williams said he informed Bell what he was going to do, via text message, and got the running back’s approval.


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