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How Does A Dinner In Your Home Prepared By Charles Oakley Sound ?

Posted by Mike on October 28, 2008

Are you a life long New York Knicks fan ? Or do you just miss NBA bad boy Charles Oakley ? Well, if you answer yes to either of these questions, you can go on EBay right now and bid to have Oakley come to your home (watch the knives) and make you and your family a home-cooked dinner. Sound good ? As of now the current bid is at $406.11, which seems awfully low to have a man the status of Oakley who is basically the bodyguard of Michael Jordan, to come your home. If that’s not a selling point, Bill Simmons once coined Oakley as “the real life Shaft”. There still is plenty of time to bid on this, the sale ends on November 1st.  If this were Vitaly Potapenko of course we’d be all over the bidding process.

To place bid click here


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