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CC Sabathia To The Yankees ?

Posted by Mike on October 28, 2008

In his latest column on CNNSI, Jon Heyman reports that it now looks more likely that Milwaukee Brewers free-agent pitcher CC Sabathia will end up in pinstripes this offseason. In fact, CC’s good buddy and current Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins also agrees with Heyman “New York, American League,” Rollins, an Alameda, Calif. product, said. “They’ve got enough money, and they need him.” It’s expected that the Yankees offer could be more than $20 or $30 Million more than then the next team. Sabathia, reportedly wants to plan near his home on the west coast, so the Angels remain a remote possibility. The Brewers are said to be preparing a 4-year $100 Million dollar offer. More from Heyman:

The Red Sox understand that their chances to trade Mike Lowell, who just had hip surgery, are practically nil. And while some Boston-connected people are saying that Lowell’s doing better than expected and that he should be ready for spring training, other baseball people aren’t completely ruling out a Boston run at Mark Teixeira. That still seems to be a long shot, but there may be some concern about whether David Ortiz can return to his previous form, and that could influence how they proceed.

Coco Crisp once again could find himself on the trading block.

• Boston appears willing to give beloved catcher Jason Varitek a two-year deal but seems against the four years that Varitek has sought. They understand that he is special as a team leader, which is why they gave him four years last time. But apparently that won’t happen again. If Varitek goes elsewhere, the Red Sox may try to pry one of the Rangers’ many catchers from them, possibly Gerald Laird or Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

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