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Your 2008-09 NBA Predications

Posted by Mike on October 27, 2008

NBA Champ: Celtics- Still have the best starting five in the league. Rajon Rondo should be even better this year. Although, they are going to have to rely on some young guys to step-up (Walker, Allen, and Pruitt).

NBA Finals: Celtics vs. Lakers– Both are still the best two teams in each league. The Lakers will be much better this year with the return of Andrew Bynum. The Celtics still aren’t too old, but do they still want it ? There isn’t a question if Kobe still wants it.

NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Celtics vs. Cavaliers. You can never count out LeBron James. After making the finals in 2007, and nearly knocking off the Celtics last year, LeBron desperatelywants his ring now. Though his surrounding cast still doesn’t match the Celtics big three. But, the Cavs will again push the Celtics to the limit.

NBA Western Conference Finals: Lakers vs. Hornets. Other than the Celtics, nobody has a better starting five than the Lakers. A full-year of Pau Gasol and a healthy Andrew Bynum will pay huge dividends for the Lakers. The Hornets have the new Robert Horry in James Posey and have the best young point guard since Isiah Thomas in Chris Paul. Also, have a young and athletic front court that rebounds extremely well. They’ll be tough to beat.

NBA MVP: Chris Paul– The 2008-09 season is going to be the season where CP3 gets his name put in the same sentences as the other great NBA point guards.

NBA Rookie Of The Year: Greg Oden, but look for it too be close with Michael Beasley who will score a bunch of points. Oden going to win this award on the defensive end of the floor.

Surprise TeamPortland Trailblazers– They’re all young, but have tons of talent and they can play with any team in the West. They’re front court is going to setup coaching nightmares for every team in the league.

Disappointing Team: San Antonio Spurs– Eventually they have to fall, but you can never count out Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich. They’re like the Patriots, you can ever rule’em out, but finally their age and injuries could put a damper on this season.

Worst Team In The League: Sacramento Kings- Most people may feel that either the Memphis Grizzlies or the Oklahoma Thunder are bound to be the league’s cellar dwellers, but just look at the Kings roster, can they win 25 games ? I think not.

Most Surprising Players: Thaddeus Young, Jeff Green, Carl Landry, and Rudy Fernandez.

Most Disappointing Free-Agent Addition: Baron Davis– he got his contract. He’s already hurt a bit, look for him to shoot first, second, and third. The Clippers will soon regret giving B-Diddy $65 Million.

Best Free-Agent Addition: Elton Brand– With Brand, Andre Iguodala, and Thaddeus Young, this is going to be one Eastern Conference team that nobody wants to play. Did I mention Andre Miller ?

Over/Under Tony Allen Turnovers: 280

Biggest Rookie Disappointment: Danilo Gallinari- He’s already hurt, and the fans of New York will forever be pissed they passed on Eric Gordon for the Italian Stallion.

Most Surprising Rookie: Bill Walker– Taken with the 47th pick in the draft, then traded to the Celtics. He has all making so far as a major steal. Celtics hope he can replace Posey. That’s unlikely.


One Response to “Your 2008-09 NBA Predications”

  1. topfetch said

    OJ Mayo
    for Rookie of the Year!

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