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Would You Trade For This Catcher ?

Posted by Mike on October 27, 2008

With Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek a free agent and possibly wanting a 3-year $8 Million dollar a season contract, the Red Sox maybe looking elsewhere for a catcher. There has been a report that the Sox maybe closing to re-signing Varitek to a 2-year $16 Million dollar contract, but that may still be a bit too much to spend on a catcher who hit .220 last season. Now, according to reports from the NY Post and CNNSI, a young catcher maybe available in the trade market. He will certainly cost you a few good prospects, maybe a Michael Bowden and Josh Reddick. Those are two of the Red Sox elite prospects, but this catcher is 25-years-old, won a gold glove in 2007, and this year batted .280, with 13 HR’s 69RBI’s .380 OBP and had 18 SB. Pretty good numbers, but it’s actually a down year for him. People in this catcher’s organization may now feel he is “just another catcher”. With the Red Sox lack of depth in the organization for a catcher, and the amount of money Varitek wants, would you trade two top prospects for this catcher ? In this catcher’s 3-year career he is averaging 16 HR’s 84 RBI’s 19 SB’s and a .285 Batting Average. His numbers are similar at the age of 25 to Mike Sweeney and Barry Larkin. Compare that with Varitek over the last 3 season who hasn’t hit above .255, hit more than 17 HR’s and had more then 68 RBI’s. Not to mention you’ll be saving money by not re-signing Varitek and acquiring this young catcher, but maybe this young catcher numbers are starting to fade very early in his career.  So would you ?

Click here to see who the young catcher is


One Response to “Would You Trade For This Catcher ?”

  1. DiTufts said

    Who gives a crap who you put in the photo. The Boston Red Sox are not going to let Jason Varitek go. No way, no how. We win with him, and lose without him. Easy decision, win….or lose ?
    Jason is amazing, he had a bad year at bat, but so did Papi. For a DH, David Ortiz did not have great numbers, and did not live up to his potential. I suppose you think they should get rid of him too ?? People have ups and downs. The Red Sox are as close to baseball perfection as you can get, and you don’t mess with PERFECTION !!!! Jason will be back in 2009.

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