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Rick Sutcliffe To Take Over For Joe Morgan….I Hope There’s A Delay

Posted by Mike on October 27, 2008

It looks like a lot of fans of Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN prayers could be answered. According to Awful Announcing, ESPN could be moving Joe Morgan to Wednesday Night, and have Rick Sutcliffe do Sunday night games with Jon Miller. I wonder if ESPN is hoping that the drunk Sutcliffe appears ? Sutcliffe, is now famous for going on a San Diego Padres TV station after a golf outing, were it appears he may have drank half a keg. Miller and Morgan have be doing Sunday Night Baseball since its inception in 1990. People have for years despised Morgan, they feel he is too over analytical, states the obvious, and some feel he no longer does his homework in finding information out about both teams. The thinking is that Morgan has gotten lazy, and no one has ever had a complaint about former Red Sox announcer Jon Miller. It has always been Morgan who is the lighting rod of criticism at ESPN, there has even been a website named for his firing- It looks like finally the people at ESPN are trying to appease the audience, an move Morgan to just one-night a week, on Wednesdays. More from Awful Announcing:

“We expect both Jon and Joe to be back in the Sunday night booth next season,” an ESPN spokesman said.

Of course there is a big difference between “expect” to be back and definitely returning. So there is something up here. Miller and Morgan have spent nearly two decades together. During that time their relationship has had its rocky moments. That’s no secret.

What’s coming to light is how unpopular Morgan has become with many of his ESPN colleagues, who are less than thrilled with the way he prepares for a telecast. Some of them also don’t respond well to what they call Morgan’s haughty attitude, which he has displayed during some of his more outspoken performances in internal ESPN meetings.


One Response to “Rick Sutcliffe To Take Over For Joe Morgan….I Hope There’s A Delay”

  1. I actually love Joe Morgan and how he anayzes things. Seems like people are always critical of sucessful people and hoping to take them down a peg.

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