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Mike Lowell News

Posted by Mike on October 27, 2008


Team sources say Lowell should recover well from the surgery he had last week.

Boston will seriously consider signing Teixeira, given he’s always been atop the team’s wish list and is entering the prime of his career. The Sox might be willing to go into a season with Lowell, Youkilis, and Teixeira if they have to, then possibly ship Lowell after he’s shown his hip is healed in spring training.

Several teams are in need of a third baseman (Indians, Twins, Tigers, Dodgers), so Lowell could be valuable to one of them with only two years remaining on his contract and the likelihood the Sox would be willing to pay some of the contract. But that’s only if Teixeira could be had. And the Sox certainly aren’t looking to give him 10 years at $200 million, believing those days are over even for a hitter of Teixeira’s quality.

Having Youkilis available to play third is what makes the situation even possible.

Youkilis said it wasn’t hard to shift from first to third (36 games) as often as he had to last season.


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