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Matt Cassel Plays His Best Game To-Date

Posted by Mike on October 27, 2008

He may have been named AFC offensive player of the week after his three touchdown performance against the Denver Broncos on Monday night, but yesterday’s victory over the St. Louis Rams was the best performance yet for Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel. His numbers might not look that great, 21 of 33 for 267 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions, but yesterday Cassel looked like a quarterback who could actually lead the Patriots into the playoffs. If not for a few dropped passes his numbers surely would have looked a lot better, and the two interceptions he threw weren’t really his fault. Randy Moss looked like he ran half-speed and tipped the ball to the Rams defender, and Wes Welker simply tripped, allowing for an easy interception. Not exactly the fault of Cassel. For as bad as Cassel looked against the San Diego Chargers, he has looked that good the past two weeks, allowing for the Patriots to open the offense a bit more. He’s starting to look a lot more reminiscent of Tom Brady in 2001. Just exactly what the Patriots were hoping for. Minus three running backs, and down three points, Cassel did something that many people didn’t think he could do. That is lead the Patriots to a comeback victory in the fourth quarter.


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