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Diarrhea And Sweating Profusely Can’t Stop Jamie Moyer

Posted by Mike on October 27, 2008

Nothing could stop 45-year-old Jamie Moyer from pitching in his first ever World Series game. The 22-year veteran of the Major Leagues couldn’t be stopped by diarrhea or a stomach virus. The wife of Moyer told Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports that “The sickest I’ve ever seen him in 22 years.” That didn’t stop Moyer from pitching 6.1 Innings, striking out five, and giving up only three runs, allowing the Phillies to stay in the game and win it in the ninth, and keeps up the hope for the possible destruction of Philadelphia to occur. If Moyer pitched a nasty game on the field, he was even nastier at home. His wife shared even more vivid details to Ken Rosenthal:

“It was so bad I had to change the sheets twice,” Karen said. “He ruined two pillows. Our comforter is at the cleaners right now.

“I kept saying, ‘Should we be calling the team? Should you maybe not be pitching? I don’t know. It’s only the game of your life.”

Yes it was, and Karen said there was “never a doubt” that her husband would take the mound.

Jamie said the same thing when I asked him afterward if he considered missing the start.

“Are you kidding me?” he said.

Moyer, though, conceded, “I wasn’t feeling real good. It was some sort of virus. I’m not feeling good now, either.”

When the family went out to dinner Friday night, Moyer ate only plain chicken and mashed potatoes. He spent the rest of the evening in the bathroom or in bed.

Karen said she gave him Ibuprofen and hourly doses of Pepto-Bismol. Jamie said that he also began taking Immodium after he arrived at Citizens Bank Park.

Karen said that Hutton had the best line of anyone about Jamie’s plight. I sort of cringed when I heard it, but Karen thought it suitable for print and far be it from me to question the judgment of a mother of six.

“Know how the bloody sock went to the Hall of Fame?” Hutton said. “Our toilet seat should go to the Hall of Fame.”


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