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The Only Person At ESPN To Dislike Brett Favre: Sal Paolantonio

Posted by Mike on October 24, 2008

The Brett Favre and ESPN love affair continued this week, when after Jay Glazer of FoxSports broke the story that Favre gave inside info on the Green Bay Packers to Matt Millen and other member of the Detroit Lions. The world wide leader in sports was noticeable absent in reporting this story, then Pro Football Talk got a memo from a current ESPN employee that said “DO NOT REPORT”, which upset Glazer of FoxSports. Many people believe that ESPN did not report on this was because of the good-relationship they have with Favre and he’s give them info, another thought was because ESPN did not break this story, they did not want to recognize it. Well, count Sal Paolantonio as a person at ESPN would simply does not like Favre. While on a Denver radio station Sal Pal had this to say aboutFavre: (from The BigLead)

They got onto the Brett Favre issue. Sal didn’t hold back. He outright says he doesn’t like Brett Favre, that Favre is one of the most overrated players of all time, and that Favre is lying and mischaracterizing all the things that went down over that summer. He goes on to say the he spoke with people that were a part of the conversation and that Favre did call the Lions. He also says that he loves his paycheck from ESPN, but the network “slurps” Favre so bad. As an aside, Sal stated that Matt Garza has huge balls. As a pitcher in big games, of course. It was the first time I’ve ever heard Sal pal have personality.


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