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Marijuana Is A Helluva Drug

Posted by Mike on October 24, 2008

Santonio Holmes was caught riding dirty Thursday. He is being charged with possession of marijuana. ESPN reported he was caught with 3 blunts Thursday, what an idiot. Just another story of an athlete making a bad decision and getting busted. He must have been using the Original Whizzinator to pass his piss tests during the season. He will most likely be looking at a suspension for violating the NFL drug policy, probably 4 games. What the hell was he driving around with 3 blunts, was he getting ready for a Lil’ Wayne concert? Maybe he was being a good boy and bringing them to a family member with glaucoma. Anyway he was probably stoned when he took that picture above, it has to be the only explanation for it. I know one thing Stephen A. Smith will not be happy.



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