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Would You Pay $20 Million Plus A Season For This Player?

Posted by Mike on October 23, 2008

This player averages hitting .290 a season with 36 HR’s an 121 RBI’s with an average OBP of .348 in five seasons. The players who share similar stats to this player are: Carlos Delgado, Kent Hrbek, Fred McGriff, and Jim Thome. Only once in this players career did he hit under 30 HR’s and under 100 RBI’s. He consistently plays over 140 games a season and has been a gold glove first basemen. Though, it’s come into question if this player is really worth the big money salary he will command. People in baseball feel that he maybe more of an excellent complimentary player then a star player. He’s not a Manny Ramirez or an Albert Pujols like his numbers may compare too. The question is would you be willing to pay upwards of $20 Million Dollars a season for this player.

Click Here to see who the player is


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