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Tom Brady Suffers A Setback

Posted by Mike on October 23, 2008

Reports surfaced last week, that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had to have a second surgery on his torn ACL due to infection. According to Karen Guregian in today’s Boston Herald, Bradyhad to have two more surgeries which may result in him having to have a whole knew ACL surgery. This is certainly knews Bill Belichick did not want to hear. More from the Boston Herald:

While Brady acknowledged on his Web site that he had one arthroscopic procedure done to “clean and to test the wound” last Wednesday, the Herald has learned there have been two additional procedures performed since that time, with the same goal in mind.

According to the source, the fear is the patellar tendon graft used to replace Brady’s anterior cruciate ligament is in danger of becoming compromised. Should that occur, the entire ACL reconstruction would have to be removed and redone from scratch.

That would push back his rehab and recovery period, which in turn, could delay his return to the field.


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