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Mike Ditka Has Officially Lost His Mind

Posted by Mike on October 23, 2008

The intellect of Mike Ditka has always come into question. This was a man who once traded away all of his draft picks for Ricky Williams. It certainly wasn’t the best move for the New Orleans Saints franchise. But, I’ve heard Ditka makes one hell of a steak. Now, the former coach turned ESPN analyst has a bright idea on changes the NFL should make, and its not extending the endzone for Dan Orlovsky. Ditka wants to take away facemasks according to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

I said a long time ago if you want to change the game take the mask off the helmet,” he said. “It will change the game a lot. If you want to change the game and get it back to where people aren’t striking with the head and using the head as a weapon, take the mask off the helmet.

“A lot of pretty boys aren’t going to stick their face in there. If you’re going to take hitting out of football, you might as well just call it soccer. That’s what I believe. A lot of people will be disappointed I said that, but football is what it is. [Vince] Lombardi said it a long time ago. Football is not a contact game. Dancing is a contact game. Football is a collision sport.”


One Response to “Mike Ditka Has Officially Lost His Mind”

  1. Cron Vandy said

    What’s wrong with this type of thinking. Sounds like my old man in a way. It’s a great idea. You want people to stop spearing and leading with their heads take away the face mask. It’s definitely NOT going to happen. But its not crazy to think out of the box like this.

    It’s less a question of his intellect and more a old, battle hardened and bitter man giving a straight up answer to a problem with no realistic solutions.

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