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Evander Holyfield Won’t Be Going To Jail Over Child Support

Posted by Mike on October 23, 2008

The man who beat Mike Tyson twice, Evander Holyfield has manged to keep himself out of jail after agreeing yesterday, on a new child support payment for one of his 11 children, according to The man who has an extreme dislike for the use of condoms, manged to make over $248 Million Dollars in his boxing career, but now due to divorces, kids, and failed business, he’s is having a tough time paying his child supports; which is an estimated at over $500,000 a year. If only Holyfield manged to strap one on, he’d be saving himself Millions. This should be a warning to all current and future professional athletes, do not become a bare-back-bandit. More from

Holyfield has three years to put $100,000 in the education account for the 11-year-old son he had with Toi Jenese Irvin.

Holyfield additionally agreed to pay for the boy’s private school education while maintaining the $3,000 per month in child support the court has mandated.

“I do love my kids,” Holyfield said after both parties reached the agreement. “I do want them to get a better education than I did, and I do all I can do to support them.”

Holyfield, who lives in a mansion on a 200-acre estate in Fayette County, said he was satisfied with the outcome.

“Some people just aren’t patient enough to trust you that things are going to turn out,” he said. “Parents should be able to come together and talk things over themselves.”

Holyfield has grossed more than $248 million in ring purses over his career, including $107 million over a six-fight stretch from 1996 to 1999. He’s been hit hard financially, however, by two divorces, several failed business ventures and child support payments believed to run as high as $500,000 annually for the nine of his 11 children that don’t live with him.

Holyfield and his third wife, Candi, have two children between them.


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