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Monday Night at the Razor

Posted by Mike on October 22, 2008

Well there was smoke in the air from the barbecue grills, smoke in the
air from a garbage can lit to flames and some other kind of smoke from
a beer can sent a blazing. Yeah baby this was Monday Night!  It was an
uneasy feeling before the game believing this defense was going to get
lit up faster than Charlie Chan and Cassel was going to stop drop and
roll more often than a fire safety video.  But this team came out with
some fire...defense causing turnovers, d-line pushing
someone...secondary actually playing and the offense running and
pounding on this hopeless Denver defense and Cassel managed the game.
Randy got paid with two td's and the ROUT WAS ON!!

Some notable notables:
Suzy Kolber — doesn't have as big a head as I thought in person...and
she's attractive, I just want to kiss you Suzy!

BenJarvus Green-Ellis — What a name...he is also the Maroney hair
award winner and Most likely to ruin any fantasy hopes of running just
one back in New England.

Seymour — He got 1.5 Sacks!! Totaling 2.5 for the season. Welcome!

Stu Scott — After yelling booyah to him as he passed in front of us, I
think he looked at us but...eye couldn't tell.

Sad note is that we could have possibly seen the last game of Rodney
Harrison's career (torn quad).  With reports saying he's done,
left with some more secondary questions and who will emerge as another
leader in the locker room.  Rodney's presence can't be replaced and
his intensity and heart is second to none. With him getting carted
off, tears running down his face and the endless wave into the tunnel
the crowd had experienced another roller coaster of emotions.  Monday
night at the razor started with some fire and ended with some smoke.
We'll miss ya Rodney!


One Response to “Monday Night at the Razor”

  1. DDP said

    You forgot about the ESPN Desportes guy that just had a permanent smile on his face everytime he walked by like he was Pedro Gomez covering a Barry Bonds story.

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