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Down Goes EliteXC

Posted by Mike on October 21, 2008


EliteXC the MMA promotion that was affiliated with CBS has shutdown operation.  Why? If you see that video above that is your answer.  The loss of Kimbo to that pink haired white boy spelt the end for EliteXC.  They are also under investigation for fraud after comments made by Petruzelli, talking about how the promoters told him to stand with Kimbo rather than take him down.  He also said they would give him a bonus if exchanged punches.  I am glad that they are out of business, they sucked I hated the fact that Gus Johnson does the blow by blow and he doesn’t know the sport at all.  The only bad thing is that you won’t see anymore sanctioned chick fights.  The chick fights were the best fights for EliteXC, because the other fighters they had were all washed up old timers or dumped by the UFC.  I know Dana White is happy cause we all know how he feels about Kimbo and EliteXC.




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