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Joba The Hut Busted

Posted by Mike on October 20, 2008


It was reported earlier that Joba Chamberlain of the Yankees got arrested, Joba was booked for DUI, speeding and having an open container in his car, he will be formally charged today.  I thought driving around in Lincoln in a beat up pickup with an open container was the norm in Nebraska.  I guess times have changed.  I bet Joba pulled a ” Do you know who i am?” line to the cop.  Joba must have took it hard, with the Yanks not making the playoffs, finishing third in the AL East and being hurt.  He just wanted to drink his sorrows away and what better time to do so when your driving, what an idiot.  He later apologized for his ” error in judgement” more like it, he was sorry he got caught.  Why do athletes put themselves in stupid situations?  Its their own fault, if this was the NFL he would be suspended for that.  Maybe MLB should put in place a personal code of conduct policy like the NFL. Since Joba is the biggest  name to come out of Nebraska since Tom Osbourne, nothing will happen to him, just a slap on the wrist. Just more shit Sox fans can use against him.




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