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2008 World Series

Posted by Mike on October 20, 2008


Phillies against the Tampa Bay Rays.  This has to be the worst world series in MLB history.  MLB will have the lowest ratings for the World Series in years or maybe history.  Since the Red Sox are out of it I am not forced to watch the commentary of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Anyway tip your hats to the Rays they beat the Sox and beat Lester twice.  Matt Garza shut down the Sox in both meetings this postseason.  On a side note MLB should really look into not going with TBS in the postseason cause TBS sucks.  How can you let a malfunction like that happen in the postseason, when millions of people are trying to watch a game.   Instead of game 6 we are watching The Steve Harvey Show, for the first 2 innings.  Shit like that wouldn’t happen of Fox or any other major media station.  MLB wake up TBS and their shit commentating and shit station should not have playoff games period.  Lets go Phillies!!!

PS. Mike had an outbreak of the gift that keeps on giving so I will be taking over today



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