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We Got Ourselves A Series

Posted by Mike on October 17, 2008

Ocober 16th 2003, 12:16 AM, Aaron Boone hits a game winning home run off of Tim Wakefield to put the New York Yankees into the World Series and knock the Red Sox from their bid to win their first World Series since 1918. Fast-forward five years, to the exact day and minute at 12:14 AM J.D. Drew is facing J.P. Howell and hits a game winning single to send the series back to Tampa Bay. It just may have been the greatest comeback in playoff history, the Red Sox down seven runs with only seven outs left comeback to shock the Rays and force them to play a Game six. A loss of that magnitude could send the Rays into a downward spiral. They will be sending out their ace Saturday, Big Game Jame Shields to hopefully shutdown the momentum filled Red Sox. Side-note: is it possible to be called Big Game James, if you haven’t really pitched in a big game ? That’s like calling Mike Timlin a shutdown reliever. Rays coach Joe Maddon will be doing everything possible not to get to a Game seven against the veteran Red Sox, who have had their backs against the wall many times and continually to come out on top. Is there any doubt after last night’s game this is going seven ? The Red Sox will be sending Josh Beckett to the hill, who according to some reports has a torn oblique muscle which the Red Sox deny. After his last start in Game two in which he pitched 4.1 innings gave up 8 runs and 3 HR’s, Beckett can’t pitch much worse. Red Sox skipper Terry Francona was strongly criticized for not taking out Beckett earlier. The most amazing stat about Beckett was that out of the 93 pitches he threw, only one was a swing and miss on his fastball. That’s not a good sign for Red Sox fans. But, the Red Sox have been battle-tested in the past and this game six is nothing new for them. For the Rays, maybe the pressure could be too much. After thinking they had it all wrapped up and them blowing it, the Rays just maybe doubting themselves now. The series is going to come down to the bullpen and how Josh Beckett preforms. Both teams have a very tired bullpen, especially the Rays best reliever Dan Wheeler, who looked like he had a very tired arm last night. If history comes into play, the Red Sox down 3-2 have the Rays right were they want them.


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