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Tom Brady Had Surgery To Clear Out An Infection

Posted by Mike on October 17, 2008

It wasn’t for a urinary tract infection, or due to any outstanding STD’s he may of had, but New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady required a second surgery on his knee after it got infected, reports the Boston Globe. It similar to the second surgery that Peyton Manning required after his leg became infected after his surgery. It really won’t deal the rehab process much at all. Brady should be ready for training camp. More from the Boston Globe:

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady underwent a second procedure on his injured left knee Wednesday to clear out an infection, according to a source close to Brady on the West Coast.

“This can happen to anyone having a surgery, but it’s a relatively rare occurrence after knee procedures,” DiNubile said. “The earlier you recognize and treat it – that’s surgery and antibiotics – the less likely you’re going to have problems down the line. The best-case scenario is that they got it early, and if everything goes right, he would be back at the same time as was expected.”


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