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What In The World!!!

Posted by Mike on October 16, 2008


A MUSLIM cleric has called for Saudi women to wear a full veil, or nigab, that reveals only one eye, in order to control seduction, the BBC reports.

 Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan said that women in Saudi Arabia are encouraged to use eye makeup and look seductive when allowed to wear a veil that exposes both eyes.

How much of their face Muslim women expose differs from country to country, and is an area of contention. The nigab is more common in Saudi Arabia, but in many Muslim societies women wear a headscarf that covers only their hair.

If you thought the Wall Street crisis was bad, just think if your country wanted to decrease your vision by 50%?  The economy sucks, this is true, but at least we have the right to see out of both eyes.  People wonder why men and women in these middle eastern countries strap bombs to their chests, well the proof is in the nigab.  Are they serious when they say women can seduce men solely with their eyes?  If that was true then the spank bank would be full of pupils and retinas rather than over sized breasts and tight bodies.  What’s next?  A half a bra so that they can only seduce men with one pushed up tittie rather than two?  I did hear that Zippa’s proofreader has been testing out this one eyed nigab, which can explain his porous punctuation, but I digress.  I guess it would be fun for the men to use that hole for target practice, but they can’t even enjoy a nice blumpkin over there so what’s the point.  I know if my wife had this one-eyed nigab I would make sure the hole was big enough so we could play a little game called just the tip.  Open your eye for the big surprise honey!!!



6 Responses to “What In The World!!!”

  1. Cron Vandy said

    Not bad, but could be better. I guess they’ll let anyone write for SOBS.

  2. Wang Chung said

    what is this Dan Rather World news reporting shit… Who cares what they wear in the Middle East DDP.

    PS. that content does not match the demographic of the site

  3. Former Reader said

    I used to look forward to checking out the stories on this site when Mike was writing them but now we have to read this garbage? DDP I’ve noticed you have been a frequent commentator on this site but now you are writing posts too? I am boycotting this site and going back to Barstool Sports (which is the worst site there is) where the content isn’t nearly as good

  4. Cron Vandy said

    DDP You tell that mean ocean!

  5. Anonymous said

    Swing and a pop up!

  6. Former Reader's Mom said

    Former Reader can take his thumb out his ass and suck on it. Go back to Barstool where all the commentators complain like whiny bitches just like you

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